InfoVersed 001: The CRAAP Test

No library can escape the inevitable call to push media on using the CRAAP Test.  Here’s my attempt, as a test run for the premiere episode of InfoVersed, a show on being well-versed with information and technology. Upcoming episodes include interviews with uppity scholars on students using audiobooks as sources and how to write a research paper on your phone.


  • 01:19 IS IT CURRENT? Using old medical training videos to demonstrate the need for current sources, and what “current” does NOT mean.
  • 03:23 IS IT RELEVANT? Using bad haiku and memes.
  • 04:14 IS IT AUTHORITATIVE? All you need to know, as shown from Miracle on 34th Street.
  • 07:21 IS IT ACCURATE? As demonstrated from Sherlock Holmes.
  • 07:57 IS THE PURPOSE BIASED? The dangers of “DHMO.”