Cotton Mather: The First American Evangelical

The first American evangelical
Rick Kennedy; William B. Eerdmans 2015

 New to the OBU Library comes this title from Eerdmans on the American Puritan pastor and scholar, Cotton Mather, from the North End of Boston in late 17th Century. 

  1. The last decades of Puritan Boston, 1663-1674 —
  2. Cambridge: city of books in the republic of letters, 1674-1681 —
  3. Listening for a call, 1681-1688 —
  4. Entanglements of church and state, 1688-1698 —
  5. The birth of the American evangelical tradition, 1698-1707 —
  6. A biblical enlightenment, 1707-1713 —
  7. The practice at the top of Christianity, 1713-1728 —
  8. The Cotton Mather trail: a walking tour in Boston connected to the Freedom Trail.

I have not had time yet to read this book well enough to review it, so please leave your evaluations of it in the comments.