Theological Librarians: Odd and Neurotic? Not Always.

We must all admit that the librarians of Southern Seminary are, in all seriousness, a hip, edgy, stereotype-busting lot. Realizing that we are not your average librarians, I picked up Librarians in Fiction (by Grant Burns) in which is offered a list “reasonably representative of the dark side of librarians”. I include it not to point out the similarities (I for one, couldn’t find any), but to court a greater appreciation for the exceptional librarians at the disposal of our seminary community. The list:

awkward bald chunky condescending cranky cruel desiccated devious dirty disagreeable dreary dry dull dumpy emaciated exhausted feeble florid friendless frightened frustrated glowering hesitant huge humorless hysterical idiotic ill-tempered inhuman interfering lonely mincing myopic narrow nasty nervous neurotic odd old maid pale peculiar portly possessive red-faced repressed sad sexless sex-starved shapeless sharp-tongued shy slow sly spinster stiff thin tired tortured trapped ungainly unhealthy unlovable unnatural unscrupulous vengeful waxen wilted withered wizened

Burns, Grant. Librarians in Fiction: A Critical Bibliography. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co, 1998. p2-3