Fun With Dick and Jane – A Review

We’re hurled at rocket speed down a rabbit hole of action and suspense. Run, Dick, Run! See Spot Run! Run and Jump! Run, Run, Run! Run, Jump, Run! Even the most agile adrenaline jockeys will find it hard to maintain the pace. The authors ask us to confront the terrifying question: Who Is It? Just when one can bear no more, they wisely divert with the chick lit hijinks of “Something Pretty,” but any returned sense of safety is just a will-of-the-wisp as one is again forced to ask the horrible: ”Where Is Sally?” Do you really want to know?

From Blogging For A Good Book, a blog of the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia, in a gelastically funny review of this classic of children’s books that everyone my age remembers reading.


  1. Will says:

    Look Paul. Look, look, look!

    We had fun with Reese and Hannah!

    They traveled far. They drove in a car.

    We played Legos. We ate spagetti. We had fun!

    Now they are gone. I am sad.

    You should come here, Paul. Come for a visit. It would be fun, fun, fun!

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Dr. Seuss did not write
    See Spot Run.
    Will is clever, it is true,
    But he is no

    But he is a friend
    whom I miss
    and wish to see
    and would hear him laugh
    whose company
    is kind and kindly giv’n.

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