The Oscar Mayer Code

Forget the Da Vinci Code. Forget the Bible Code. Today marks the beginning of my quest to hunt down the real meaning behind the Oscar Mayer Code. If I should go missing over the weekend, my quest may have led me into the nefarious world of the Oscar Mayer Code.

Oscar Mayer Code Cover

Every now and then I pull a random book off the shelves here at our library just to see if it says anything interesting. Today I hit the jackpot. It seems that on December 7, 1955, Oscar Mayer (yes, that Oscar Mayer) delivered a chapel address to the students of Beloit College in Wisconsin entitled, “A Plan for Living.” In this address the Harvard educated (A.B., 1909) meat-processing businessman prescribed an eleven word “code” for living. I have only recently discovered a rare transcript of this address buried deep within the bowels of our mysterious library.

Oscar Mayer Code

The transcript (click on the image) appears to imply that three of the words in the Oscar Mayer Code have some sort of special, and perhaps hidden, significance: Development, Consideration, Service. To complicate matters, it appears that this transcript was donated to our library by the author himself.

Questions that remain:

  1. What do the emphasized words mean? What is the symbolism? Is it a puzzle? A riddle?
  2. Why would Mayer discreetly hide a copy of the transcript in an unrelated institution?
  3. Why has the transcript not circulated? It would appear that no one has checked it out. Ever.
  4. Does the date the address, December 7, have any significance?

Is this all just a bunch of bologna?

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: My initial research has unearthed this video clip. Is it of any significance?


  1. jordan says:

    Wow, pretty mysterious!

  2. Kevin says:

    This is nodoubt a clue to Mayer’s secret wiener formula. But, I have heard that the Wurstmacher’s sect value their secret recipes. So proceed with caution.
    auf Wiedersehen

  3. Adam Winters says:

    Words fail me..

    Perhaps therein lies the secret of what a hotdog is really made of?

    Nice to have you back, Paul.

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