Book Provenance


This inscription is from Svenskt Bibliskt Uppslagsverk, an apparent dictionary gifted by one of the editors, Ivan Engnell, a former professor of Old Testament at Uppsala in Sweden, to William F. Albright when they met in Uppsala in May, 1952. The book subsequently became a part the SBTS library’s William F. Albright Collection.

This inscription written inside the book by Engnell appears to be in one of the Scandinavian languages, probably Swedish, but I have no idea what it says. Do you?


  1. Bob Bjerkaas says:

    Paul – dilemma partly solved. It appears that Engnell was responding to a question posed by Albright and the last part of the inscription should be translated as follows:

    “Indeed, Scandinavian theologians rule.”

    Your Friendly Scandinavian Theologian,
    Bob Bjerkaas

    1. Paul Roberts says:

      Bob, 11 years later and I’m just now beginning to think your translation is suspect.

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Bob – is there anything you don’t know? Thanks for this. You should be a theology librarian. Really.

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