About Me – Paul Roberts

On a mission to revive the model of a Christian scholar-librarian, which of course also means marrying the art of research and technology with theology in service of the Church.

Somewhere along the way, much of the library-side of being an information professional began concentrating on the organization of information for the mere sake of that organization rather than in direct service of scholarship. I purpose to change that focus and re-appropriate the organizational skills and administrative competencies of academic theological librarianship onto an academic discipline once again, but to couple that with technological expertise and leadership.

I am the Dean of Libraries for Oklahoma Baptist University, one of the finest institutions of higher learning I have ever had privilege to know. Want to impact the world? Get to know OBU.

I also serve as the Lead Teaching Pastor at Heritage Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

My primary research interests are found in the theological polemics and social history of the Reformation, especially in the Catholic and Swiss Reformations. Two personalities are of particular interest to me:  Peter Martyr Vermigli and Pierre Viret. I also find Reginald Pole and Gasparo Contarini to be fascinating, but must leave them for another day. My ThM thesis was on the re-appropriation of ecclesiastical authority in the establishment and early years of the Genevan Consistory.  My doctoral work is on the relationship between Pierre Viret’s ecclesiology to his political thought.

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